Suite Galactique, opus 39 for solo harp Caroline Lizotte (1969 – )

Suite Galactique, opus 39 for solo harp
Caroline Lizotte (1969 - )


  •  Atmospheric layer approximately 1000 km deep, where the lightest molecules escape the effect of gravity and reach the interplanetary space. The substance is built in the low register of the harp - in the earth - as if we had taken a clod of mud and extracted the water from it, and followed its molecular cycle through several transformations it experiences in the atmosphere. Musically, an ascending feeling – free of gravitational forces - is clearly presented.

Hymne au Bon

  • The warrior sits down around a fire with his companions. They each relate their conquests, and the strangers are welcomed into the circle, because everyone is proud of his life and proud to lead the Good Combat. (Manuel do Guerreiro da Luz/Paulo Coelho) The chattering effect appearing from the very first bars suggests to us that the warrior is exhausted and cold after a hard struggle. Close to the fire, he will warm himself and sing with his friends. ‘Organic and interactive’ movement for the performer because he or she must feel cold and sing like the warrior. However, avoid lighting a fire …

Scherzo del Pueblo

  • Translation of ‘Scherzo of the People’ in Spanish.To my friend living in Spain: ‘I am composing the 3rd movement of my Galactical Suite for harp. Funny, it tends to be developing into a very ‘agricultural’ ternary: thumbs on thorns, hands in hay! Thinking of a possible title: Scherzo for Common People. The music is turning in my mind as inside a meat-grinder …’ And my friend answered: ‘Just for fun, say it with pronunciation accents: Scherzo del Pueblo; better than Scherzo Popular.’

Harp Solo

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